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The challenges of disease control within an animal shelter are very high. Our veterinarian team members follow strict shelter medicine protocols because most animals enter the sanctuary in poor health, malnourished, stressed, and with no known record of vaccinations. Our veterinarians focus on both the physical and behavioral issues when treating our animals. Health assessment is necessary when evaluating if an animal will be a candidate for the adoption process or will stay at our facilities as a permanent resident. Our medical team provide all the medical care, vaccines, and sterilization procedures necessary before the animals are ready to begin the adoption process.  With the helps of  our volunteers , the veterinary team is constantly monitoring the health of all the animals in our sanctuary including our farm and desert tortoise habitat. Our goal is to make sure that our animals live their best lives within our sanctuary and to prepare those that will enter our community through adoption, all this is possible thanks to our veterinary team and volunteers.

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