Desert Tortoise Habitat

Our Mission is the Conservation of the Species

The desert tortoise are without a doubt, the oldest residents in our sanctuary. A  tortoise’s lifespan can be between 50 and 80 years.

These reptiles spend their day looking for food or resting in their habitat. The desert turtle’s diet consists of grass, fruits and vegetables. At our shelter,  the veterinarians supervise the quality and quantity of food they need on a daily basis in order to live healthy lives.

At SANAD, we have designed a special habitat for them which meets all the basic necessities of the desert turtle’s natural environment, this allows  them to feel secure, comfortable and they are able to develop their natural free roaming life habits. This project’s purpose is to rehabilitate this species which is endangered by human interference. All of our tortoise residents have been rescued from improper conditions, mostly caused by people keeping them as pets. Through our educational programs we aim to inform younger generations about the importance of keeping these reptiles where they belong , in their habitat.

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