Resident Cats

A Place to Roam.

Sanad has several free-roaming areas for our feline friends. These are: nursing moms, kittens, adults, seniors, leukemia, FIV, and special care.  When a cat arrives at our Sanctuary, it is given a complete veterinary evaluation to determine their current health profile.  Once the medical exams are performed, they are quarantined while they receive medical treatments and get used to our staff and their new surroundings. All our cats are neutered or spayed prior to being incorporated into our cat areas. Healthy cats are placed in our adoption program and remain with us if they do not find a perfect home. Our Sanctuary is a no-kill animal facility, so all rescues are placed into the appropriate space to live their fullest and happiest life. Our cats are always closely monitored by our staff and live under the best care.

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